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Towards a new Standard Robot Soccer League search

The four legged league, based on the Sony AIBO, is one of RoboCup's most exciting and popular competitions. One reason is that all teams must use identical hardware (the AIBO) with no modificiations allowed -- the result is that winners are determined by the effectiveness of their software alone. Unfortunately, SONY is retiring the AIBO from their product offerings. But, this provides an opportunity for us to move forward with a new standard robot soccer league. RoboCup 2007 Atlanta is pleased to host two demonstrations in support of a new standard league:

The first is a demonstration of winning robot hardware platforms selected by RoboCup in response to a recent open call.

The second is a demonstration of Microsoft's Robotics Studio as a standard software architecture for robot soccer teams.

From Microsoft's December 12, 2006 announcement: "Furthering its support for innovation in robotics, the Microsoft Robotics Group is a primary sponsor of RoboCup 2007. The ultimate goal of this leading international robotics competition is to develop a team of fully autonomous, humanoid robots that can defeat the human world champion team in soccer by the year 2050. At the RoboCup 2007 competition, set for July 1 through July 10 on the Georgia Tech campus in Atlanta, contestants will participate in a demonstration soccer competition using Microsoft Robotics Studio. In addition, Microsoft hopes to work with the many robot manufacturers that are drawn to the RoboCup competition. More information can be found at http://www.robocup-us.org "

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