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This page will be populated by the questions you ask, so do not hesitate!

Q: I have a question about registration that is not answered here .
A: Take a look at the registration FAQ. If you still have questions, email customerservice@georgiarobotics.com .

Q: What is the registration deadline?
A: April 30th.

Q: We are interested in participating the ____ league and we would like to figure out what the admissions process is.
A: Visit the leagues page and look up information for your particular league once the wiki for that league is available. If the wiki does not reveal enough information, get in touch with the organizing committee for the league.

Q: I am not going to be participating in RoboCup, however I am interested spectating the events. Is that possible?
A: Yes. We will be accomodating spectators. You will need to purchase tickets (on a first-come-first-serve basis) to be able to watch the events.

Q: What is the schedule?
A: Participants will be allowed to check in and to enter the venues with their robots on Saturday June 30 at 12:00. Teams will be allowed to enter the venues at 12 noon July 1. Qualification competitions begin Tuesday July 3. Qualification events end 3PM Friday July 6. Finals are July 7 and 8. RoboCup Symposium is July 9 and 10. Participants are expected to have access to the venues from 6AM to 10PM each day.

Q: How will registration work? Will it be over the Internet?
A: Yes, registration will be by the web. Early registration (with discounts) is open and will at the end of March. Late registration will be open at the beginning of April until the end of the event. Registration fees will be accepted through Paypal. Paypal accepts credit cards and wire transfers.

Q: I will need a visa to enter the USA. What should I be aware of?
A: The US Department of State is aware of our event. They will follow regular procedures to issue visas to participants. Visitors from some countries will have to provide a letter of invitation in order to get a visa. We will be happy to provide letters of invitation to registered participants on request. Those who require an early letter should register for the RoboCup Symposium. Requests for letters of invitation should be submitted here.

Q: What are the qualification procedures?
A: This is up to the leagues. The league chairs should post their procedures on the wiki.

Q: Will there be a pre-registration/intent-to-participate process?
A: Yes, the leagues should do this but it is up to the leagues.

Q: What kind of wireless network will be provided for the competition?
A: This is specific to each league and the organizing committee for the league should be contacted if the information is not available on their wiki.

Q: What kind of security measures will be taken at RoboCup 2007?
A: We have developed a comprehensive security plan for, volunteers, spectators and staff. Some aspects of our security plan may mean delays or slight inconveniences and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Please bring government issued photo ID to all events and know that bags may be searched, checked or not allowed.

Q: Will there be a form of official transportation for the events?
A: To ensure your on-time arrival at venues, we recommend that you use official transportation. Private cars are allowed on campus but parking is limited. Our plan is to run buses every 15 minutes from on campus venues and to the Symposium/RSS locations. A map is included on the web site of the campus. Remember that all bag are subjects to search and that wheelchair access is available.

Q: Will there be any sale of merchandise related to RoboCup 2007?
A: RoboCup Atlanta 2007 will have official merchandise sales at various locations around the campus. Keep looking at the official web site for more information.

Q: What will the weather be like during RoboCup 2007?
A: Typical Weather for Atlanta:
Average temperatures from July 1 – July 10
• Average Max 87 F 31 C
• Average Minimum 72 F 22 C
• Rainfall July 5.12 inches 130 mm
• Humidity HIGH
Like the rest of the Southeastern U.S., Atlanta receives abundant rainfall, which is relatively evenly distributed throughout the year. Average annual rainfall is 50.5 inches (127 centimeters).

Q: What is some other information about Atlanta that we should know about?
A: Atlanta has nineteen sister cities, as designated by Sister Cities International, Inc. (SCI):
Brussels, Belgium; Bucharest, Romania; Canberra, Australia; Cotonou, Benin; Daegu, South Korea; Fukuoka, Japan; Lagos, Nigeria; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom; Nuremberg (Nurnberg), Germany; Ancient Olympia, Greece; Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago; Ra'anana, Israel; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Salcedo, Dominican Republic; Salzburg, Austria; Taipei, Taiwan; Tbilisi, Georgia; Toulouse, France
Atlanta History (pop., 2000: 416,474; metro. area pop.: 4,112,198):
Capital of Georgia, U.S. Lying in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Atlanta is Georgia's largest city. In 1837 a spot was selected there for a railroad terminus that would serve the southeastern U.S. First named Terminus and later Marthasville, it was given the name Atlanta in 1845. An important supply depot during the American Civil War, it was burned by Union forces under William T. Sherman. Atlanta became the state capital in 1868. As it recovered from the war's destruction, it began to epitomize the spirit of the “New South” in seeking reconciliation with the North. It was the home of Martin Luther King, Jr., and the first major Southern city to elect a black mayor (1970). It is the principal trade and transportation centre of the southeastern U.S.

Q: What personal items should I not forget to bring?
A: If you choose to stay in campus dorms during RoboCup 2007, you should bring your own towel and soap. If you are staying in a hotel, they will provide you with those necessities. Atlanta is very hot and sunny during the summer so don’t forget to bring your sunscreen and sunglasses.
Look at the Planning the trip and Travel facts about the USA section on the wiki to make sure you did forget anything important like health insurance or a voltage converter.

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