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This page summarizes coverage by the press of recent RoboCup events and it reports the demographics of visitors to our website.

RoboCup events are covered by the major international news media. Members of the press are welcome at RoboCup. To request a media kit, please email Vivian Chandler. See video clips of the robots in action.

Website Demographics:

As of December 14, we average more than 3000 hits per day from more than 1000 unique visitors. 95% of our visitors are new. We expect the number of visitors to grow as we approach the event, and for more of our visitors to be return visitors (e.g. participants, and fans tracking the event's progress).

Our site is viewed by people from all over the world. The image below shows the locations from which people visit our site. Larger circles indicate more visitors in that location.

Recent Media Coverage of RoboCup Atlanta Activities:

March 23, 2006
Wall Street Journal
Scott Patterson

"In this soccer match, the players are robots" Read article.

April 22, 2006
Fredricka Whitfield
Live interview with Tucker Balch and Adam Jacoff in studio
April 22, 2006
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Photo essay of RoboCup US Open
April 24, 2006
New Scientist Magazine
Chelsea Wald
"New hunt is on for robot top dog"
May 19, 2006
Fox Soccer Channel
Inga Hyatt
Coverage of RoboCup US Open Atlanta
June 14, 2006
Atlanta Journal Constitution
Levertes Ragland
Feature on Spelbots, an all womens' team that competes in the Four Legged League
July, 2006
Cartoon Network
Julia Merrill
This video is included on DVD in Media Kit
July, 2006
ZDF TV (Germany)
Stephanie Slewka
Henrik Christensen interview at RoboCup US Open
December 2, 2006
Associated Press, multiple outlets including Atlanta Journal Constitition
Greg Bluestein

"Robotics wizards to descend on Georgia Tech for global tourney" Read article

December 13, 2006
Microsoft Press Release
Microsoft announces Robotics Studio product and sponsorship of RoboCup 2007 Atlanta. Read text.
December 13, 2006
ZDNet, DigitalTrends, Information Week, EE Times, PC Magazine, others
Multiple articles about Microsoft's announcement. Read one article.
February 1, 2007
Industry Week
John Teresko
Coverage of RoboCup 2007 and the sponsors
PDF Link to site

Media Coverage of RoboCup 2006, Bremen:

Press Conference

A press conference was organized for national and international media on June 14th, in the Lloyd Saal of the Congress Center Bremen just after the official opening ceremony for RoboCup 2006. The list of accredited journalists included 102 TV journalists, 90 journalists from print media, 22 radio journalists, and 16 journalists from online media from 21 different countries.

Cooperation with Regional Media

Many articles were prepared for a special 12 pages supplement on “RoboCup 2006” which was printed a few days before the event. This supplement was distributed in the state of Bremen and it’s surrounds at a circulation number of 220,000 copies. Information about the schedule and side programs of the event was provided. Additional copies were distributed during the event and served as a program guide for many visitors. Additionally, a media partnership with the local radio station “Radio Bremen Vier” was established who is owned by the conglomerate Radio Bremen.

Cooperation with the National Media

One of the initial aims of the organizers was to find a national television channel which was interested in airing RoboCup. One of the most powerful national TV stations, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen (ZDF, Second German Television Channel) announced its media partnership with RoboCup 2006 during the CeBit 2006 in Hannover. This cooperation resulted in a giant PR campaign. A second advantage for this intense engagement was the ability of having international coverage via the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), at no charge. Furthermore, ZDF provided a specific internet portal for RoboCup 2006 which offered live streaming for interested parties from all over the world. All relevant media possibilities including “Der Spiegel”, Focus”, “Stern”, “Die Zeit”, “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, “Suddeutsche Zeitung”, “VDI-Nachrichten” and some large computer magazines such as “Chip” reported extensively on RoboCup 2006. Further, as part of the cooperation with the Lufthansa AG, a special report was included in the onboard edition of the Lufthansa Magazine in June 2006, as well as, a video clip which was aired on all international Lufthansa flights flying to Europe during the month of May 2006.

Appearance of RoboCup in Print Media

Type of Print Count Run Percentage of Total Runs
Technical Journals 19 2,247,667 2
National Print Media 87 35,686,851 38
Supra-Regional Print Media 303 38,020,105 40
Regional Print Media 70 3,942,588 4
Local Print Media 73 14,745,808 16
Total 552 94,643,019 100








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