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KUKA Robot Group

The RoboCup US Open

    RoboCup is an international joint project to promote research in AI, robotics, computational perception and related fields. It fosters AI and intelligent robotics research by providing a set of standard problems where wide a range of technologies including perception, planning, cooperation and action must be integrated and examined.

    The RoboCup US Open is an annual regional event to support RoboCup research and competition in the Americas. The US Open was first held at Carnegie Mellon in 2003, then at the University of New Orleans in 2004.



    RoboCup US Open 2005 will be broadcast live over the Internet and will be made available to the general public. The competitions will take place May 8th - 10th.

    For instructions on how to tune in, please visit: http://esm.cs.cmu.edu

    This live broadcast is supported by RoboCup US open and the Carnegie Mellon University End System Multicast Research Project.

    For assistance with ESM, contact: esm-help@cs o cmu o edu .


  • Chair Prof. Tucker Balch, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Four Legged League Prof. Daniel Lee, University of Pennsylvania
  • Rescue Robot League Adam Jacoff, NIST, rescue o robot o league@nist o gov
  • Small Size League Prof. Michael Bowling, University of Alberta
  • Soccer Simulation League, Prof. Peter Stone, University of Texas at Austin
  • Prof. Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon
  • Segway League Brett Browning & Jeff Krichmar, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Audio/Visual Spencer Reynolds, Georgia Institute of Technology, reynolds@cc o gatech o edu
  • A/V and Mechanical Daniel Walker, Georgia Institute of Technology, danielbw@cc o gatech o edu
  • Communications Leisha Chappel, Georgia Institute of Technology, stewart@cc o gatech o edu
  • Local Arrangements Vivian Chandler, Georgia Institute of Technology, chandler@cc o gatech o edu
  • Entertainment Coordinator Christina Train, Georgia Institute of Technology, christina o train@dlpe o gatech o edu
  • Graphics Engin Erdogan, Georgia Institute of Technology, engine@cc o gatech o edu
  • Web Arya Irani, Georgia Institute of Technology, arya@cc o gatech o edu

Important Dates

  • March 15 Guaranteed Registration deadline (After this date we will accept registrations on a space-permitting basis.)
  • April 7 Hotel reservation deadline
  • May 7 The US Open begins!