2006 KUKA RoboCup US Open

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Final Standings

Small Size League

    1st Place: CMDragons'06 (CMU)
    2nd Place: RFC Cambridge (Harvard/MIT)
    3rd Place: RoboCup Laval (Laval)

    Best in the United States: CMDragons'06 (CMU)

Four Legged League

    1st Place: Microsoft Hellhounds, Dortmund University
    2nd Place: CMDash, Carnegie Mellon University
    3rd Place: UPennalizers, University of Pennsylvania

    Best in the United States: CMDash, Carnegie Mellon

Urban Search and Rescue

    1st Place: International University of Bremen
    2nd Place: Good Samaritan, Colorado State University
    Honorable Mention: R/C Car, Georgia Institute of Technology

    Best in the United States: Good Samaritan, Colorado State University

    Best Mobility: Colorado State University

    Best Autonomy: Carnegie Mellon University

Score Details


Round Robin

2:30pm, CMU vs Laval: 10-0
4:30pm, CMU vs RFC: 10-0
5:30pm, RFC vs Laval: 1-0

11:00am, RFC vs Laval: 2-0
1:45pm, CMU vs RFC: 10-0
3:00pm, CMU vs Laval: 10-0

2:00pm, CMU vs RFC: 10-0

Four Legged League

Pool A Round Robin:
CMU - Spelman (7-0)
Penn - Brown# (3-0)
CMU - Brown# (9-0)
Penn - Spelman (5-0)
Spelman - Brown # (1-1)
CMU - Penn (5-1)

Pool B Round Robin:
Dortmund - Bowdoin (6-0)
Texas - Brown Demonstra (7-0)
Dortmund - Brown Demonstra (8-0)
Texas - Bowdoin (6-0)
Bowdoin - Brown Demonstra (2-0)
Dortmund - Texas (4-0)

CMU - Texas (1-0)
Dortmund - Penn (4-1)

3rd Place
Penn - Texas (3-1)

1st Place
Dortmund - CMU (5-2)

Urban Search and Rescue

Scores (PDF)

The KUKA RoboCup US Open is sponsored by:
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